Finally Shooting

The weather is still not good for outdoor shooting, but we go and shoot soon. We have a very nice idea and location where we can work on this cold and rainy day too. Soon you can see what we did. I can tell you we are going to visit a shop and bring a big gun for an equipment.

Fantasy Character

Recently I’m obsessed with fantasy characters like this here. I try to create sexy little armour and prepare photo sets in this style. We already made a few of them, but there is much more in this topics. I hope you will like them.


Chilly Shootings

We have a shooting today in the morning at 7:30am and on Sunday at 10am. The mornings are chilly recently, let’s hope that I can do this. I think I don’t have to tell that not too much of clothes I will wear. A few ¬†armour pieces today, made from steel and covering only arms and legs and a nice smile and hardly anything else on Sunday. I don’t want to postpone the shootings, because maybe we are no more able to do them in this year anymore.