Sunlight Studio

We discovered something special a few weeks ago. We found a nice little sunlight studio not far away. What to do by this beautiful weather? Go outdoor certainly. You will see soon photo sets made outdoor by sunlight “on location” but still in nice and quiet studio enviroment. I love this 🙂

Studio Idea

We were chatting with Hen and Vanholywell what to do in the winter time. We are mainly able to shoot in the studio, but this is boring and does not fit to my site. We have a bright idea what we hope to realize within weeks. At least the first sets and then it’s up to the subscribers if we make much more.

Back To Studio Work

It’s getting to be too cold for outdoor locations. I’m not really happy, because making erotic on outdoor locations is much more exciting. The location is much nicer, the lights are natural and I like the excitement being watched from the distance by random people.

I hope however we can have soon a photo journey on Cyprus and we can make some more great outdoor sets for you. On the other hand the studio work has a few advantages too. For you are the sets mainly more naked from the beginning and I’m more open for some nasty stuff as on the street… Let’s see…