Backstage Video with Anne

Have an insider look to our HardRockGirl shooting with the gorgeous Anne…

Bonus Video with Anne

Bonus Video with Anne

Zorah and the Whiskey

Zorah was on fire during our last shooting. She has no problem to have a drink during a long shooting.


Whiskey Love by

Whiskey Love by

She loves whiskey and not only to drink. She show a very creative usage of the bottle.

Next Shooting

We are going to make a Hard Rock Girl shooting for my site tomorrow. This time I won’t be the model, but the producer 🙂 A strange position for me not to jump in into the set, but I will have enough to do with the set, outfit and story. The model will be Lana this time, but we are going to discuss a girl-girl shooting next in an area I never worked 😉 I’m excited…

Shooting Tomorrow

I hope we can make the shooting tomorrow in the evening. We postponed it last week, because of the heat. The weather is still very hot, but I hope we can make it as late as possible. Maybe start at 6pm or so. It will be a quick one, because I’m going to wear only a hot bikini and some air mattress. 

Italian Job

I’m in Venice today and can send only a short post from a coffee shop. The weather is great, we are going to have our shooting today otherwise it’s fun, fun, fun. I love this sunny weather and the huge sandy beaches. Viva Italia 🙂

Cosplay Shooting

I’m going to have a cosplay shot in the morning with Cosplay Erotica and Zack.  I’m so excited and so happy. This year we are working together a lot. Tomorrow we are going to make a solo and a girl-girl set. I like to work with other models. It is always harder and takes longer, but the results are unique and rare cosplay lesbian sets.

I have to go to bed now.

Finally Shooting

The weather is still not good for outdoor shooting, but we go and shoot soon. We have a very nice idea and location where we can work on this cold and rainy day too. Soon you can see what we did. I can tell you we are going to visit a shop and bring a big gun for an equipment.

In a Hurry

I’m in hurry now, the shooting with CosplayErotica will start at 10am and before the shooting I always have a lot to do. This is my first shooting in the year, it must be perfect. I will try to get some behind the scenes pictures and publish them here. A far as I know one of the characters will have something to do with the last Resident Evil movie, Retribution.

Normally I know about my characters, but because of the holidays in the last weeks, we canceled the fitting and I will see my costumes today the first time.

Chilly Shootings

We have a shooting today in the morning at 7:30am and on Sunday at 10am. The mornings are chilly recently, let’s hope that I can do this. I think I don’t have to tell that not too much of clothes I will wear. A few  armour pieces today, made from steel and covering only arms and legs and a nice smile and hardly anything else on Sunday. I don’t want to postpone the shootings, because maybe we are no more able to do them in this year anymore.

Gothic Saturday

Sunday was a long day. We were working in a castle garden in a small town about 80 kilometres away. We had a Gothic day, I hope you will love this beautiful, but sad girl on the old stairway. I love the Gothic sets because of the gorgeous outfits, special locations and exciting poses.

After the shooting we walked one more hour and found 2-3 further location in the garden. I hope we will go back soon, because I can not wait  for the second set we was speaking about.

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