Italian Job

I’m in Venice today and can send only a short post from a coffee shop. The weather is great, we are going to have our shooting today otherwise it’s fun, fun, fun. I love this sunny weather and the huge sandy beaches. Viva Italia šŸ™‚

Back From Photo Journey

I have been in Italy last week. Together with another model, Mea Lee (she is one of my favorites) and photographer Zack VanHolywell we were on different beautiful outdoor locations. This time not for my site, but for some projects of Vanholywell. We had plenty of time with Mea to enjoy the journey. It was more like a holiday and not like a job.

Venice Today

Enough work in the past days. On the weekend Iā€™m going to visit Venice. I hope the we will have luck with the weather. The point is not the sightseeing, but the roading. We will drive and not fly, it takes 7-8 hours. Then eat something, have a look around, sleep and come back next day in the afternoon.

Maybe I will find some cool outfits too, I love Italian fashion. I will make photos and publish them on my site and few here also.