Twisted Singers

Check out the latest video update by Twisted Singers is an erotic rock video clip with two twisted lesbian rocker chicks.

Gogo Unchained

Check out the latest Model’s Private movie. Toni made again ae erotic amateur movie with Gogo, some chains and a big cucumber. Well…dirtly.

Model's Private with Gogo

Model’s Private with Gogo

…just another sexy Ass

Gogo by Hard Rock Girl. Stay Free, Stay Hungry, Stay Naked….yummy




Punk Shooting – Werk Photos

I just published some bonus material with Gogo during the punk shooting.

Punk Shooting with Gogo

Punk Shooting with Gogo

Shooting Fun

A behind the scenes photo with Gogo and VanHolywell during a Hard Rock Girl shooting.

Gogo and VanHolywell

Gogo and VanHolywell

Abandoned Building

This Hard Rock Girl set we made in an abandoned industry building. It was spooky, after every second shot we made a break and listened who is around.

Stay_Free_by_HardRockGirl_05 Stay_Free_by_HardRockGirl_10 Stay_Free_by_HardRockGirl_40 Stay_Free_by_HardRockGirl_65