Sexy Jaina Proudmoore

Very Sexy Jaina Proudmoore Cosplay

Who is this model cosplay Jaina Proudmoore from the World of Warcraft? 😉 I stil love this game.



Striptease in the Break

Our photographer made a mini bonus set with Devorah in the shooting break. Topics? Striptease, what else? 🙂

Stiptease_with_Devorah_by_HardRockGirl_ Stiptease_with_Devorah_by_HardRockGirl_1 Stiptease_with_Devorah_by_HardRockGirl_10 Stiptease_with_Devorah_by_HardRockGirl_23

Bonus Striptease for Free

The latest bonus photoset by AngelARTnet is online. Watch Devorah’s striptease prior to the shooting.

Devorah's Striptease

Devorah’s Striptease

More Garage Photos

Here are some more screenshots from the latest Hard Rock Girl video wirh Devorah. The rest is far too hot to be shown in my blog 😉

One Wild Night

Devorah hits the town on every Friday night and is known about her wild nights in the pubs. There are rumours that she sometimes is going mad after a few beers and dancing naked on the tables in the pubs.


One Wild Night by

One Wild Night by

Devorah's One Wild Night

Devorah’s One Wild Night

Watch the latest update.