Sweet Punishment

now Brenda has three of her fingers in her wet pussy-

Having known what she had done wrong by not honouring Lewis invitation to the night club on last Friday.

Brenda dressed in a very sexy suit appeared at the office early for her punishment…sitting at her desk she heard her phone rang and hurried to pick it up.

“Report at my office” Lewis ordered.

“Ok Boss” she replied with a big smile on her face having what the sensation the visit holds for her.

Sweet Punishment

Sweet Punishment

Brenda tip toe to her boss office to avoid been seen by other colleagues, she stood at the door and slightly bit her lower lips while grinding her soft ass against the door. Lewis offered her a seat and immediately got up his feet to feel her hot body; he pulled her unto himself and spanks her tender ass while his other hand ran through her blonde hair. She pressed into him and moan into his ear letting him know that she enjoys the waves sent from her ass.

They kissed passionately for a while until Lewis decided he wanted to see her tits, he made her to sit as he sat opposite her. Lewis ordered her to turn him on by playing with her body and masturbation while he watches. Brenda who was obedient glued her ass firmly to the chair and slowing stroke her boobs as her other hand worked on her inner thigh, she wink her eye calling Lewis to come have a taste of hard rock hard nipples but instead he decided to subject her to a punishment that ended up been fun for both of them.

Brenda's Punishment In The Office

Brenda’s Punishment In The Office

She expertly undid her suit jacket leaving her silky top which reveals her enormous boobs with rock hard nipples on… she surrendered herself and allowed him bind her tightly to the chair with a rope that brought out her curves and ordered her to finger herself like a whore.

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