Tear Off Your Chain

Gorgeous topless Catwoman cosplay with gamer babe Lana.



Catwoman with Lana by CosplayErotica.com


Sexy Psycho Soldier

Searching for Evil Forces

Athena Asamiya cosplay by CosplayErotica.com. I love this character in Psycho Soldier.

Athena first appears in the video game Psycho Soldier, fighting against several creatures attacking Earth. The Psycho Soldier Team is initially composed of Kensou and Athena’s teacher, Chin Gentsai. The team would be present in most King of Fighters tournament as Chin wanted to train more Kensou and Athena as well as searching for evil forces such as the demon Orochi.

Mass Effect

Kasumi Goto

My fav character from Mass Effect. Naked cosplay with Kasumi and the best ass in class.






XXX-Men Cosplay

Jubilee Cosplay

Adult Jubilation Lee aka Jubilee cosplay from X-Men

Quote1There’s something different in all of us, and nothing– not a spell, big gloves, nothing— can change that or take it away. We’re all still mutants. Quote2