Cosplay Shooting

I’m going to have a cosplay shot in the morning with Cosplay Erotica and Zack.  I’m so excited and so happy. This year we are working together a lot. Tomorrow we are going to make a solo and a girl-girl set. I like to work with other models. It is always harder and takes longer, but the results are unique and rare cosplay lesbian sets.

I have to go to bed now.

Harder than Hard

I started a new sub-site on You will find it under Hard Rock Girl menu and it contains galleries you will like. I asked models I know to make a set for me and show how hard they are.

Joyride by Hard Rock Girl with Mea Lee

Joyride by Hard Rock Girl with Mea Lee


On the pictures you can see my favorite model Mea Lee as a joy rider. I will upload frequently new material and I hope you will love my hard girlfriends…

Finally Shooting

The weather is still not good for outdoor shooting, but we go and shoot soon. We have a very nice idea and location where we can work on this cold and rainy day too. Soon you can see what we did. I can tell you we are going to visit a shop and bring a big gun for an equipment.