Back To Studio Work

It’s getting to be too cold for outdoor locations. I’m not really happy, because making erotic on outdoor locations is much more exciting. The location is much nicer, the lights are natural and I like the excitement being watched from the distance by random people.

I hope however we can have soon a photo journey on Cyprus and we can make some more great outdoor sets for you. On the other hand the studio work has a few advantages too. For you are the sets mainly more naked from the beginning and I’m more open for some nasty stuff as on the street… Let’s see…

Fantasy Character

Recently I’m obsessed with fantasy characters like this here. I try to create sexy little armour and prepare photo sets in this style. We already made a few of them, but there is much more in this topics. I hope you will like them.


Fully Dressed / Nearly Naked

I like these photos made by CosplayErotica. The model is completely dressed, but still everything is visible and the whole set is very sexy




Fully dressed and somehow still naked. What else would you like to see?


Chilly Shootings

We have a shooting today in the morning at 7:30am and on Sunday at 10am. The mornings are chilly recently, let’s hope that I can do this. I think I don’t have to tell that not too much of clothes I will wear. A few ¬†armour pieces today, made from steel and covering only arms and legs and a nice smile and hardly anything else on Sunday. I don’t want to postpone the shootings, because maybe we are no more able to do them in this year anymore.