Gothic Saturday

Sunday was a long day. We were working in a castle garden in a small town about 80 kilometres away. We had a Gothic day, I hope you will love this beautiful, but sad girl on the old stairway. I love the Gothic sets because of the gorgeous outfits, special locations and exciting poses.

After the shooting we walked one more hour and found 2-3 further location in the garden. I hope we will go back soon, because I can not wait  for the second set we was speaking about.

Heavy Shooting Equipment

We used this sniper gun for our shooting a week ago. I was a very sexy sniper girl with less and less clothes, but kept the gun and enjoyed it. You will see the pictures and the hot video soon on


Angela Blanche - Sniper Gun

Angela Blanche – Sniper Gun

Back From Photo Journey

I have been in Italy last week. Together with another model, Mea Lee (she is one of my favorites) and photographer Zack VanHolywell we were on different beautiful outdoor locations. This time not for my site, but for some projects of Vanholywell. We had plenty of time with Mea to enjoy the journey. It was more like a holiday and not like a job.


“You said I’m welcome any time
Be sure I know all flaws are mine
Your promises are never lasting
for longer than it takes to say them.”

Diary Of Dreams – Chrysalis

Beautiful, isn’t it? Sometimes I’m only driving and listening to music like this.