Model and More

I’m working not only as model, but taking part in the photo processing and retouching too. I love it, but certainly staying in front of the camera is and will stay my obsession.

I work with the sets for and I have got a number of photos from CosplayErotica to retouch them. Since we started to work on my site they saw how I retouch my own pictures and they really liked it. Since then they give me complete series to retouch it. Lots of work but I like to do this and it is always good to see what other models are doing. You can always learn something.

My Next Cosplay

I will work soon for CosplayErotica again. I received the booking for a next shooting just yesterday. You will see Angela Blanche doing funny sexy cosplay in March or latest April depending how quick the photos will be retouched.

I can not tell you the character, but it will be a lesbian set with Mea Lee again. She is a hot chick  and I’m looking forward to her.

Back From Germany

I just arrived from Germany yesterday in the evening. That was great. I met old friends and got a number of new ideas. I bought lots of stuff I can use during my next shootings. It means mainly accessories to existing outfits. I’m well prepared for the spring, but must wait for better weather.

I will fly to Germany next time in April and I already have two bookings for different jobs. That‘s brilliant. I stay there mainly only 3 days from Friday until Sunday so we call it as booked out for April.